If you've got the Time,We've got the Place!

If you've got the

time, we've got

the place! 

                                  FUN CAAN DONE!


Snorkle by the reefs of Trelawny     Snorkeling is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy the warm waters of Jamaica. If you can float, you can snorkel. Come and see our wide array of colorful and exotic sea creatures. Travel with your gears.




Bird Watch along the 2 miles of beach
  Jamaica has the highest number of endemics for any island of its size. Jamaican Birds are beautiful and their extravagant plumage are dazzling to the eye. Come see exotic birds stop over to feed on the vegetation along the beach side. Come prepared with your gears.



 Sail the Luminous Water                                     This lagoon, surrounded by mangroves, is home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent light when the water is agitated.  As the water is disturbed, you'll see an eerie light illuminating the waters below. Wave your hands or drag a stick in the water to make the water glow in the dark. Our luminous lagoon is the brightest in the world.  Plan your trip for dawn. (4-5 feet deep at the center)



Herbs of Jamaica  Journey to the hills of Jamaica and learn from the natives about the natural herb remedies of Jamaica.




Kite Surfing  Carry your gears and take a flying leap off flat water and find yourself soaring 40 feet in the air. Come freestyle or wake-style your talent on the shores of Time 'N' Place while having a cold beer by the bar.






Visit the Therapeutic Cave Follow the trail to the mysterious secluded cave, take time to create the ambiance with small candles and when done take a splash in the crystal clear water.


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